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CepatNet offers the advantage of high speed internet access through DEDICATED bandwidth allocation and BROADBAND quality with very competitive price. Supported by multi-redundant links for primary backbone, fiber optic cable network, broadband wireless and VSAT technology, we provide internet services for SOHO and corporate in high rise building, industrial estates and other business districts with reliable performance for any internet purposes, e.g. email, online conference, browsing, etc.


  1. Dedicated & Broadband Internet options as needed.
  2. Direct connection to Tier-1 International Backbone & IIX through multiple fiber optic cable network.
  3. High reliability with level of SLA 99.5%.
  4. 24/7 responsive customer service.
  5. Flexible and transparent monitoring by MRTG access.
  6. Most affordable price in its class.
  7. Various managed service (bandwidth management, load balancing, firewall, proxy, MRTG ).

This service is in cooperation with Moratelindo